Burgers and Wine

Last weekend was full of yummy food, exploring new places and spending time with awesome people. Even though we have only been in Nashville about 8 months we can sometimes find ourselves frequenting the same places instead of trying new things. So last Friday when we were looking for a place to eat, we decided to go somewhere we hadn’t been before. At first we tried to go to The Pharmacy, which is a pretty popular local spot for burgers and brats, but their line was out the door and down the sidewalk, so we nixed that plan and went to another local spot called Burger Up.

Luckily, we were able to get seated right away but our server told us that at prime dinner time it is usually about an hour wait. The atmosphere was pretty cool and it looked like they had a nice back patio though it was too hot to sit outside when we were there. They are very flexible with their burgers/sandwiches and will let you mix up the toppings and basically create whatever you want from scratch if you don’t like one of their options. Evan got the classic burger and added white cheddar and I got the chicken burger but switched out the white cheddar for pimento cheese. Both were delicious! Evan also got the truffle fries that they are apparently famous for and I got the giant tower of onion rings that I couldn’t even come close to finishing. Everything was super yummy and I’m sure we will be back next time we have a burger craving.




The next day we didn’t have plans until the evening so Evan went to hit some golf balls in the morning and I decided to go to the Nashville Farmer’s Market for lunch. We have been to the market a couple times already, but they have several restaurants offering different types of food from all over the world so you can go many times and always have something different. Off the top of my head I know they have BBQ, Greek, Jamaican, Chinese, Colombian, Mexican, crepes, pizza, ice cream and more! They also have a great craft beer place called The Picnic Tap and a little tasting station for Natchez Hills Winery. After I ate a bite of lunch I decided to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and do some people watching. I had never tried any wine from the local Natchez Hills Winery and it was actually very good.




Later that evening we packed a little picnic basket with cheese and crackers and headed about 35 minutes south of town to meet some friends at the lovely Arrington Vineyards located in Arrington, TN.  Whether you are a wine drinker or not, I highly recommend visiting Arrington. It is a gorgeous spot out in the country and on weekends in the summer they have live jazz and bluegrass music. You can pack a picnic, bring a blanket or some chairs and witness a breathtaking sunset. It can get pretty crowded but both times I have been, we had no problem finding a spot to claim as our own.

We got to the vineyard around 6:30 and immediately got in the line to purchase a bottle of wine because it was fairly long. They also offer tastings but it is only a very small pour of four different wines and it costs $14. You get much more bang for your buck if you just get a bottle to share. The first time we went we got a red blend called the Antebellum and it was AMAZING. This time it was a little too hot for red wine so we got the Kinzley Reserve which they compared to a Sauvingnon blanc and it was also delicious! You will spend at least $20 per bottle and the nicer ones will be more like $30, but it isn’t that bad since there are no other costs associated with going there.



Since we went in the evening, it was only about an hour later that we got to witness the sun going down over the vineyard and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. We got to watch it from beginning to end over the course of about 40 minutes and at times the bright pinks and purples were all around you.




The venue itself is fantastic and the wine is excellent, but the company is what really made it one of my favorite experiences in Nashville so far. I feel exceedingly grateful for the incredible people who have come into our lives over the last few months and look forward to many more memorable times together!




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